Re: Beginning basic programming with Python and nvda

Don H

Having a computer science degree and background in programming the only thing I found with python is how important spacing is. I did enjoy playing with it and createed a black Jack game and some learning tools for my grand kids.

On 9/27/2022 3:35 PM, Shaun Everiss wrote:
Well I also did visual courses.
I began with pascal in devpascal and javascript.
However back then the idea was to go to c, or visual basic.
I started to try to learn afterwards but it simply got to complex and I dropped it.
Not sure if I have the motivation to try to write my own stuff whhich isn't simple batch.
On 28/09/2022 8:12 am, Joseph Lee wrote:


Having taken courses that are heavily visual (and I know some of us did the same), I can say that it is possible for a blind person to take visual courses although accommodations are still required. More importantly, you need to know the instructor well as what can make a difference is how instructors talk about concepts and steps such as graphs, visualizations, statistics, and so on. I do encourage students to give computer programming a try and learn more than just programming - after all, what programming will teach you is how to organize your thoughts more clearly.

As somewhat of a tangent or rather related to this forum: do not learn Python simply to write NVDA add-ons or think contributing to NVDA with your Python knowledge is all there is to it. I want some of us to get away from that mindset, otherwise our NVDA code contribution journey will be difficult. Learning Python opens up many possibilities, as well as teach you quite a few life lessons such as critical thinking.

Good luck.



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