Re: NVDA cursor automatically placed in conversations list in gMail standard view


I misunderstood your message.  But this needs to be stated more clearly in my  opinion.

Once you are signed into GMail, you remain signed in until you sign out no matter how many times you leave the site and close the browser.  So it is correct, once you are signed in, you can use the link you gave and that is for going to the site directly, you don't have to sign in repeatedly.


On 9/27/2022 6:38 PM, Louise Pfau wrote:

On Tue, Sep 27, 2022 at 05:07 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
I'll let others answer your original question, as it's worth discussing as far as accessing Gmail webmail with NVDA.

Although Google has claimed that they're going to kill Basic HTML View, they still have not.  It's just now kinda-sorta hidden as far as getting to it.  Once you are logged in to Gmail you can use the following link,  Basic HTML version of Gmail, to change back to the Basic HTML version.  Just bookmark that link and after you log in to Gmail and land in the standard view you can activate it to shift back to Basic HTML view (at least until Google actually inally kills it entirely).
Hi Brian.  I have the link you provided already bookmarked, in fact that's what I use all the time.  When I used the "sign in" link on it this morning though, the standard html was activated for some reason.



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