Re: NVDA cursor automatically placed in conversations list in gMail standard view


I know you said eventually and that may be, eventually.  I think it is likely that Basic HTML will be around for a good while.

I find no relevant results in the first ten when I do Google searches such as GMail to end Basic HTML or Google to end Basic HTML.

Google says this in part about Basic HTML:
You're about to use a version of Gmail designed for slower connections and legacy browsers.

I suspect that in many parts of the world, slow connections are common.  Under such conditions, it is faster to use basic HTML. 

Also, the beginning of this article: 9/27/2022 7:07 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
gives a number of reasons people may want to use Basic HTML.  I suspect considerably more people use it than you may think.

On 9/27/2022 7:07 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:


As has been pointed out by Louise, Google has been putting "the writing on the wall" about the ultimate fate of Basic HTML view for quite a while now.

No one will ever have any legitimate claim to being surprised when the door is eventually actually shut for good.  They have put a ton of work into maximizing the accessibility of the standard view, and all its bells and whistles, because it will eventually be the only view.

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