Re: Voice meter banana

Roger Stewart

I've never heard of the program you mentioned but I'd recommend Station Playlist Studio.  There's a great free add on for NVDA that makes it really sing for you.  Everything you need to know can be easily read using a few hot keys.


On 10/2/2022 6:35 PM, Charlie Dyasi wrote:

Hey guys, I really need an urgent answer here, the problem is, I’m a little bit stuck.
I am supposed to do a radio show tomorrow for a online radio station, and being the blindy that I am, I did not do my full research on what is going to work for me, and what will not.
On top of that, I don’t want to seem as incompetent as ever, so rather let me ask now in order so that I may see what workaround I can do in order to help myself.

Voice meter banana is what… I would say is a virtual cable system and I am supposed to use this product tomorrow in order to set up for broadcasting and in conjunction with OBS stream labs.
 Are  these apps user-friendly for blind people with NVDA or do I have to look at other alternatives in order to do this to broadcast? If voice meter banana is usable with NVDA, please, can someone tell me where to get the ad on if there must be an add-on, downloaded or how to use voice meter banana, seamlessly or independently.
Thanks so much awaiting your response. 

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