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My Tutorials on Google Drive By Brian Vogel ·
Windows 11 Discussions - Please have them elsewhere unless there's a direct NVDA issue involved 2 messages By Shaun Everiss ·
Update Checking Error for NVDA and Add-On Updater - Root Cause Identified, Workaround Given, Problem solved in 2021.3 By Brian Vogel ·
locked Messages Being Marked As Spam - What You Can Do 26 messages By Brian Vogel ·
locked IBM TTS/Viavoice & Eloquence - Other than those bundled with software known to be legal By Brian Vogel ·
Community Add-Ons: Compatibility Status Page with NVDA 2021.1 - Please Consult It First 5 messages By Brian Vogel ·
locked Announcement Only: Speculative Discussion about Windows 11, or any in depth discussion of Windows, period. By Brian Vogel ·
A Gentle Reminder About Using Descriptive Topic Titles 3 messages By Brian Vogel ·
locked Admin's Note: Re: [nvda] Updated Firefox to version 89, can no longer use w/NVDA By Nimer Jaber ·
Version, Version, Version - I'm Begging You!! By Brian Vogel ·
On using NVDA development snapshots (alpha), beta, or release candidates By Brian Vogel ·
Be prepared for some bumps in the NVDA road - Major Change is coming . . . 3 messages By Quentin Christensen ·
locked IE being removed from Win 10 20H2 and later, effective June 15th 2022 By Brian Vogel ·
Regarding issues that get solved, please do the following By Brian Vogel ·
Bounce Messages from Groups.io 3 messages By Brian Vogel ·
On posting e-mail addresses in messages - Please don't 8 messages By Brian Vogel ·
Admin's Note Re: New NVDA user who's looking for Eloquence 2 messages By ... ·
Reminder to Members about using most recent versions where possible By Brian Vogel ·
locked Announcement Only: Asking whether a specific program is accessible with NVDA By Brian Vogel · Edited
locked Announcement Only: The Chat Subgroup - An Underused Resource By Brian Vogel ·
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