NVDA Stopped Reading Web Sites; Error Messages in Log

Rich De Steno <ironrock@...>

Regarding my new problem of NVDA failing to read web sites in both Firefox and IE on my Windows 10 computer, pasted below is the last part of the NVDA log just retrieved through NVDA. Note several references to errors. Is this related to the problem?

NVDA initialized
ERROR - queueHandler.pumpAll (17:51:23):
error in generator 42
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "queueHandler.pyc", line 72, in pumpAll
File "sayAllHandler.pyc", line 149, in readTextHelper_generator
File "treeInterceptorHandler.pyc", line 143, in makeTextInfo
File "virtualBuffers\__init__.pyc", line 196, in __init__
File "textInfos\offsets.pyc", line 303, in __init__
File "virtualBuffers\__init__.pyc", line 214, in _getStoryLength
WindowsError: [Error 1775] A null context handle was passed from the client to the host during a remote procedure call

Rich De Steno