New desktop app: Simple Calculator 1.0 Beta2

Stefan Tsvyatkov

High folks,

    I have the pleasure to introduce you Simple Calculator, new desktop app developed by me. My intention was to create it as an educational project, but the feedback of some people stimulated me to release it to the public.
    The present version is beta. I think that it have to be tested from more people before final release. Your feedback can help to the project to become more convenient and useful alternative to the calculator build in Windows for NVDA users. I am such user from some years and my aim is to write software, which is accessible for screen readers as NVDA. If the project interested you, below is it's more detailed description.

This program is elementary desktop calculator for Windows written with C# language and Microsoft's "Windows Forms" technology. It's optimized for work with the screen readers JAWS and NVDA. There are buttons with associated key combinations For every kind of number operation. The supported operations are:
• Addition
• Subtraction
• Multiplication
• Division
• Calculating a percent value
    Some special features:
• Calculating by entering the operation signs - The program allows entering them in the text box directly, without pressing of the corresponding buttons.
• After activating the "Result" button, the calculated value is announced by NVDA and copied to the clipboard automatically.
• If number operations are made with the key combinations for the buttons, after pressing them, the screen reader reports the corresponding action.
• With showing and hiding the operation buttons by the combination Ctrl+B, the screen reader reports this with appropriate messages.
    Below I post link to the page of the project in GitHub, when you can view it's "README". I recommend you to read it before downloading and testing the app.
Direct download link for the app:
    The file is self extracting archive. After open it, you must choose a directory in which the application's files will be extracted. You can launch it by opening the file "SimpleCalculator.exe".
    The people who use Windows 8 or newer may encounter warning from Microsoft's "Smart Screen" filter when launch the app or it's installer. It's necessary to activate "More Info" link and after that to press "Run anyway" button. That warning appears only one time per file. It's shown because these files don't have enough reputation in Microsoft's databases and are downloaded from the Internet. The app don't contain viruses or other harming components. It don't modify files on your system. It only change the file "Settings.config" in it's directory.
    Source code of the project is accessible from it's GitHub page. Because the current version is Beta, some aspects of the program may function incorrectly. If you notice a bug, don't hesitate to contact me on this e-mail on here in the list.
Best regards,