Add-on advisory: Resource Monitor 18.04 changes, last version to support Windows versions earlier than 7 SP1


Hi everyone,


For Resource Monitor add-on users: a few months ago I did announce that I’m gradually removing support for older Windows releases, and the time has come to move on from recently unsupported Windows releases. Along with that, the next version of the add-on will bring significant changes to how Windows 10 releases are detected.



  • Old Windows releases: Resource Monitor 18.04 will be the last version to support Windows releases earlier than 7 SP1 (that is, no more support for Windows Vista, Server 2003 and 2008 after 18.04).
  • Windows 10 release detection: in the past, this add-on used build ranges to detect which version of Windows 10 you’re running. This meant some of you would have gotten a message stating that you’re running Insider build when in fact you are on public build. I found a more reliable way to detect Windows 10 releases (via Registry) so people won’t experience wrong version announcement. This change also allows Windows Insiders to know the release ID for the upcoming release ahead of time.


Resource Monitor 18.04 is scheduled to hit the air around March 26th.