NVDA Tenth Anniversary celebration continues: A Tenth Anniversary Hackathon for summer/winter 2016?


Dear members of the NVDA community,


As we continue to celebrate NVDA’s tenth anniversary this year, I’d like to propose that we have a hackathon sometime in summer/winter 2016. As we have folks who’d like to learn more about inner workings of NVDA and/or contribute their code to the community, I believe a hackathon (an event dedicated to programming) could serve as an excellent venue to discover talent and foster connections between NV Access, users, supporters and potential developers.


The goals of this hackathon are:

·         Discover people with programming talents who have willingness to serve a community and make a difference.

·         Allow the community and outsiders to take charge in shaping NVDA for months and years to come.

·         To say a thank you to NV Access by contributing much needed features into NVDA.


Please let me or the NVDACon list know if you are interested in this event – either to participate as a user, a programmer, sponsor or donating (particularly if hardware projects are involved). Also, please promote this idea around the blindness community and programmers so they can get onboard with this idea (this hackathon is an equal opportunity event for blind and sighted).

Thank you.


Joseph S. Lee

Translator, code contributor and community add-ons reviewer, NVDA screen reader project

Chair, NVDA Tenth Anniversary Planning Committee

Event advisor and former chair, NVDACon International organizers