Looking for some volunteer testers to test NVDA's support for BrailleNote QT and Apex BT scroll wheel


Hi all,


For those who don’t know: I am one of those responsible for bringing BrailleNote support to NVDA. As part of the latest work, I’m looking for volunteers using either a BrailleNote QT or an Apex BT to test NVDA’s support for both models. Specifically, I’m looking for people who are thinking about using BrailleNote QT with NVDA and Apex BT users to test QT command support and scroll wheel support, respectively.


Once I talk to some volunteers, I’ll be sending out a third-party NVDA snapshot containing the following:

·         Support for using BrailleNote QT native commands in terminal mode (at least basic mode, not PC keyboard emulation) when using it as a braille display under NVDA.

·         Using scroll wheel in terminal mode with NVDA.

Once tests shows it is working as advertised, I’ll send my code in so it can be included in NVDA 2016.3 at the earliest. Thanks.