the SHOUTCAST site

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is still up. Radio Nomey bought them along with what was left of Winamp.

On 5/26/2016 12:46 AM, Pete wrote:


  The shout cast site used to be a good source, not sure if still up. 

On 5/25/2016 4:16 PM, Gene wrote:
Most stations these days broadcast in Flash and/or HtML5.  Saving such links won't direct you to the actual underlying stream.  There is an underlying stream but the listen links on most station web sites direct you to the flash or HTMl5 stream, or they are links that open your browser and cause it to follow scripts to the Flash content.  Sometimes, right clicking and saving links won't work at all because the site doesn't support saving such links. 
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Subject: Re: [nvda] looking for pls or m3u file of a radio station stream

Very often, you can just do a right click on the listen link and then
choose save link as and 9 times out of 10 it will save a .pls or .m3u
file for you. The file may not be labeled correctly and may just say
listen.pls or something like that. Just rename it and save it where
you'll know where it is and you're good to go.


On 5/25/2016 12:05 PM, Bobby wrote:
> I am having issues locating pls files or m3us.  I listen to lots of
> internet radio stations butt I don't like going to the web sites all
> of the time.  I was if you know of a good progran that will capture a
> pls or m3u because finding the listen live link can be very hard.  If
> you know of a program please let me know.
> .