hmph one skype alternitive down



Miranda ng and skype web don't work, tried and failed to signin.

The plugin hasn't been updated in ages.

The only thing I got was several attempts from microsoft on my account asking if I had in deed signed in from new zealand on an unknown brouser.

I confirmed it was me, since well it was me, my country was listed in all attempts.

I will not be retrying this again.

The last thing I want is my account to be put as hacked which will report my google as hacked and a lot of other stuff.

It took me changing a lot of passwords and reloading a lot of programs to get things to work.

A friend had this among other issues, and she simply had to reformat and reinstall windows and reformat all her windows mobile phones and reinstall apps and everything.

She got it fixed but it wasn't really worth it.

I rechecked with normal skype and it still works which is fine by me.

As an alternit, a few have used google hangouts, and I know jabber can be used for chat in miranda ng however I really don't know if I should bother as such.

Maybe hangouts will have to be the new skype if it ever gets to that.