FW: [NVDACon+US] Confirming the date for the planning meeting.



Mostly for folks living in North America: please come to the NVDACon US planning meeting on the 16th, as organizers would like to hear from you and gather suggestions, comments and what not. Thank you.




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Subject: [NVDACon+US] Confirming the date for the planning meeting.


    Hello NVDA enthusiasts:

after receiving the dates that work for the majority of people, as the chair of the NVDACon U.S. conference, I’d like to confirm the date for our planning meeting. The best day looks like Saturday evening (July 17th). All evening can work for me (I’m in mountain daylight time, which is UTC-0600 currently). We are meeting on the NVDA Korea teamtalk server (Same place as the international conference was held). Please announce times that work starting at 3 Pacific (6 Eastern) and 7 Pacific (10 Eastern). If this is too late for people on the east coast, please let me know. I am trying to accommodate people on our list, and allow time for people to have dinner with family, since Saturday evenings are often a time for family to catch up with each other. If we need to have two meetings we can, but for a single region, it shouldn’t be as hard to coordinate a meeting as the international planning meetings are.

Items on the list for planning meetings are:

·         possible sessions, bring a hat full of ideas.

·         Date and time (late August into October at the latest). For this meeting, we only need a date, but having an idea of times would be good as well.

·         promotion :

o    Connections to major blindness organizations, connections with braille display manufacturers, and possible outlets for marketing the conference.

o    possibility of talking to and inviting state and national government agencies who wish to start utilizing NVDA (Maybe we need to plan how to best do this).

o    we need a website and a mission statement might be a good thing to have if we try to get the word out more.

·         Invitation to other north and central American countries, since they are in similar time zones.

·         Any other ideas can be pitched.

Please respond with preferred times. Also, if you have any regrets, please inform us.
Thanks, and I look forward to kicking off NVDACon U.S.



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