Braille not working in libreOffice math #msftaccessibility #cal-reminder #addonrelease #addonrelesae

Tage Johansson

Hi all!
I just downloaded LibreOffice to see if it is a good open source alternative to microsoft word and excel. My first impression was great, I tried to read some word documents and it was actually better than word because there was no lagg when I scrolled up and down in the document. LibreOffice calc worked just as good as excel.

But, I ran in to a very strange problem when I tried LibreOffice math. I wrote text in the text field and the text was announced by the synthesizer, but it wass never shown on my braille display. No cursor was actually shown on the display at all. It is very annoying that it works with speech but not with braille. It works with jaws by the way.

Does anyone have any idea how to solve the problem?