In relation to Google Chrome and NVDA

Dejan Ristic


The previous and the current version of Google Chrome have changed some accessibility features in nvda.

When I do the facebook search, and when I use the up and down arrow keys, I am no longer able to hear the word "list" spoken before the found name is pronounced. The only thing I can hear is the same name pronounced when I up and down the list. Next, it is simply impossible for me to go through the list of names found. The same goes for the Opera browser. Compare these two and Mozilla Firefox, and you will understand me.

when I use Google Translate via Chrome and/or Opera, I am unable to hear the names of the languages spoken while I'm in the language list. The only words I can hear are: "list submenu collapsed" and "list submenu expanded". Compare Chrome and Opera with Mozilla, and you will face the difference. Let me also say that Internet explorer 11 is as accessible to NVDA as Mozilla Firefox in the mentioned cases.

I use the latest version of NVDA and the latest version of both Chrome and Opera.

My operating system is: Windows 7 Ultimate, 64Bit, SP1.

Thankful in advance