Buy me a coffee has expressed interest in accessible design


The below is a small email thread from Buy me a coffee support. It is like Patreon, but users can donate only one time rather than donating per month or project. Their FAQ page is below.

Below is the email thread, with my last reply at the top.

To: support@...

I understand. When should I check back regarding this because it is

important. Below is a WAVE accessibility audit on my own page, which
has only 9 errors on it! I feel like these could easily be fixed site
wide. You can view the errors and more at the below link.

On 8/19/18, Kate <support@...> wrote:
Hi Robert,

Thanks for reaching out via email. I came across your twitter
messages last week and escalated it to our relevant team. We'll
surely get back to you when we restart working on the UX side of
things. The entire team is currently occupied with a major
feature launch and some payment updates. Again, we really
appreciate you getting in touch, and look forward to discussing
UX with you!



-- Kate

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Robert Kingett on August 18, 2018 at 9:03pm wrote:

I am a totally blind user of your website that uses a screen
reader to navigate. I really love the idea of your site but I
cannot use it fully. There are some aspects of the site that are
not accessible. There's a lot of edit fields that do not have a
title atribute to them, there is a lot of empty links, links
without titles and also image links without Alt text.

Your heading structure is really great! Most of the site is
accessible. In fact, it is kind of accessible.

I would love to have a deeper discussion about this because some
of these errors can easily be fixed. To give you a better
overview, I've included a link to an accessibility overview of my
page below. I'd love to hop on the phone or even do a video chat
with developers.