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That bit about the spell checker not being available in the free version of OE classic? I get it that people hate thunderbird, but this isn't for me. I'm sticking with TB and windows mail and all of these. I'm including this here so that other people can learn what accessibility enhancements are being done. I included their email before the message, too.


In today's update of OE Classic we've added and improved the spell checker. It is now available for Windows 7 and earlier and what is relevant for the accessibility is that it opens in a new window, like a traditional spell checker so each word which is misspelled can be reviewed. To open it you can use F7 key on the keyboard.

The spell checker is the latest addition to the Pro version and will not be available in the free version (version 2.9, released on 2018-09-04). Further work on accessibility will be done as well. Also, we figured that the accelerator keys would also be useful so they can too be used to trigger the buttons such as Alt+I to press the Ignore button.

We also plan spell checker as you type. Of course, the usual spell check as you type is not of much use to blind users as it underlines the misspelled words with the red color. This of course cannot be seen. But, what we plan is to add a sound notification (like a bell or another configurable sound) so when each word is misspelled as soon as you move on to the next word, the previous one will sound the notification sound. The sound will be configurable via options (or no sound, if the user doesn't prefer to have one and just wants to use the F7-key spell checker). This is not implemented yet, but we do plan it as there is a good number of users who want to spell check as they type and adding a sound at the same time when a word is marked with the red color is just a minor addition to the program so not a big deal to implement, and we can understand how that might be useful.

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