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OK I have now installed it but beware, its not as easy to get the variants as in nvda. I have had to import my voices after the fact. What you need to do before installing is find out where the voices you want are in nvda, and copy them from the v folder somewhere.

Now noting the file names when you install the espeak sapi five version you can add the voice names as the installer asks you to. you can have several. Do not worry that they do not exist yet. Once installed, go to the installed folder of the sapi 5 version find its v folder and copy the voices in. Then you can use nvdas voice selection to test them in the sapi 5 synth. Note that they do seem slower, but at least you can have the voice you like this way as those shipped with the package have had many of the ones nvda has cut, including my Quincy. bloody cheek"! I jest.
However put it back to the native espeak if you were using it.
Then in jaws select the profiles and the synth and hey presto in the list of voices is dear old Quincy which I can configure. of course in Jaws you can have all sorts of voices for all sorts of things. its all a bit overkill, but also it seems to work in other software that uses sapi 5 as well which was what I wanted to do.


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