RES: [nvda] NVDA and eclipse

Alexandre Alves Toco

Hi Diego!

Although eclipse uses javva virtual machine to run, it has it’s own graphic library that is a kind of wrapper to the operating system.

You can proove this by loading narrator and open eclipse. You will see that narrator can read eclipse’s object. However it won’t be able to do so in the swingset application.


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De: Diego Ricardo Matos
Enviado:quarta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2018 16:07
Assunto: [nvda] NVDA and eclipse


Hello guys!

I am having several problems with the eclipse and NVDA.

I am programming in java language, and when I open the program, NVDA

is unable to put the focus in the program.

When I go with alt+tab and I press NvDA+t, he speaks only explorer.

It's as if NvDA is not able to interact with it, but in fact, if I

type something still works.

Another problem I have are the on-screen messages and dialogs question

NVDA can't read.

Any idea?

I have already enabled the java access bridge by painéu control, and I'm

using the jdk 8 32-bit, along with the eclipse 32-bit, NVDA 2018.3.2

and windows 10 64-bit.

What do you do?

Sorry for my english.