adding a braille display serial to usb blu tooth etc to nvda

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Hi guys

I see the question come up from time to time on the list.

I want to put a small section on my website that could point some one in the right direction of what to do.

This would be for the above mentioned ways.I noticed some of the drivers are in nvda where some others have to download them from FS?

Would there be a user or 2 say one with blu tooth and usb connected braille display devices if you could write up the steps to hook up that device to nvda.

If you do not want your name mentioned by who wrote it I will leave it out.

I am also looking at it from a new user like me to get one going and where to look.

I will also point towards the user manual and which section it is in there to add a braille display.

I can also link if you do a audio version.

some pepeople like audio and others written.

For a example I have a old human ware braille note that i got given. and would say some thing like.

to make your humanware braille note work with nvda you need to do the following.

You will need to Buy a serial to usb cable which includes the driver CD which will have drivers for it up to windows 10.

Install the software onto your computer and Plug in your power adaptor to a power point and then hook up your serial end of the cable to your human ware braille note and plug in the other end which is USB into your computer then turn on your device.

You will then need to go into the settings of your device and set it to terminal for screen reader mode and set your port.

Next while NVDA is running go into the preferences section of NVDA by pressing the nvda key + letter N. Arrow to the settings section of nvda then press the enter key. You will be given a list of different sections in NVDA next arrow down to the  braille section then tab to the change button in that section. Use the space bar to open it. Arrow to the human ware braille note driver then tab to the port it uses. Change it to Port: Serial: Prolific USB-to-Serial Comm Port (COM3) then tab to the ok button then press the enter key. NVDA will go back to the braille section and you will notice now it can be used.You can then tab through this section and make changes. make sure you apply your settings then tab to the ok button then press the enter key.

you can use the ctrl key + nvda key + the letter C to save your changes.

The above is just a example which i might use. then it will just be a matter of which page to put them on.

You can email me off list if you would like to do it as in a tutorial to share with others.

Gene nz

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