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The invisible window in Dropbox.
1, see my new thread containing the dropbox ticket and the offer to send them other peoples experiences.
and, I just disabled dropbox own update routing by calling it dropboxold.exe in the program files x 86 sub folder for updates and thus far I've not seen the window. I wonder if it might be an alert to tell you its downloading an update to the software but is inaccessible so we do not see the message?
Issues of nvda missing events. I would suggest everyone who has this as an issue fills out a ticket on the github issue tracker. Somebody may then see it and add it to existing issues of the same type. at the moment while catching up this morning it seems that this has many different faces, and could be all part of the same problem, but of course may not be, so unless folk report them nothing will get done.
I remember reporting the first of these some time ago now, and to be honest the problem has actually become worse in some cases like opening a folder or launching a browser but there are nearly always no smoking guns visible in the log, and disabling add ons is inconclusive as sometimes just restarting nvda will fix it for a while.

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