How to use windows 10 OCR with NVDA can anyone describe how to say NVDA and windows 10 OCR up to use with a flatbed scanner.

David Tanner

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Quentin Christensen

Hi David,

Late replying, but it appears no one else has.  The OCR feature built-in to Windows 10 works on images already on your computer (or on web pages, etc).  To scan from a flatbed scanner, you will need to use the software that came with the scanner - or purchase or download other software to use the scanner.  Scanners vary greatly, I have known some with software which was completely inaccessible and others which worked really well.  On some, the software might not be very accessible, but you may be able to set it up so you simply have to press a button on the scanner to make it scan to a useable document.

Back in 2017 after we introduced the built-in OCR, I included an introduction to it in our In-Process blog.  I included an activity to run OCR on an image on the page using either the in-built OCR (Windows 10) or the add-on (Windows 7 or 8).  While the activity talked about 2017.3, it works the same with any later version as well:

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It is always better to think before you reply!

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