Owner's Notes re: Poll: I think ducking should go; and other NVDA features proposal and wider discussion #adminnotice

Nimer Jaber

Hello NVDA list,

I am asking that the thread indicated in the subject, along with the at least three new threads which were started in addition to the original thread, come to a close. I will outline my reasons below, and if you disagree please post your objections to the owner email address. Kindly do not post any additional messages on any of the topics.

1. The topics in question were close to, if not exceeding 50 messages. Any time a thread goes on for that long, I ask myself what value most members on the list will gain from having such a prolonged thread. In this case, I am coming to the conclusion that the same points have been repeated a number of times, a number of members have posted their thoughts (some multiple times), and the usefulness of the thread has outlived itself, if that makes sense. If you would like to post your thoughts about features vs. addons, please do this on the chat list, or better yet, bring up your thoughts with NVAccess staff for consideration. While the topic of the thread is certainly on topic, the thread has outlived itself in terms of usefulness and the value it brings to most members is minimal, but it is certainly perfect for the chat list or for interested members to get tothegether to discuss in a smaller group, and then a report can be made to NVAccess staff, or a survey can be developed, etc.
2. Unless surveys have been conducted about a specific feature, or diagnostic logs have been collected to show aggrigate data, we cannot say which feature is or is not helpful or useful to users. One user may use features that another won't, and that is the beauty of a program which provides th options. Not having the option would mean that users who do rely on that feature would not be able to anymore, which would present a problem for those users.
3. The thread has been spun off, it seems like, into a number of threads. Please be sure to reply to messages instead of creating a new thread with the same subject, and please be sure not to alter the subject line unless the subject has changed, and even then, it is probably better that a new thread be created. This reduces needless clutter, and makes it easier for archival purposes.

So again, if you have additional questions, please let me know off list using the owen email address.

Thanks, and here's hoping all of you are well.


Nimer Jaber

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