Screen Review

Ed Marquette


I’ve tried Object Review, Document Review, and Screen Review in an attempt to find the status indicator in Cisco’s Jabber soft phone application.
Jabber used to be totally inaccessible, but then Cisco engaged a script writer to create JAWS scripts. Later, an NVDA add-in was created. Both would announce availability of a person to be called.
For instance, as one scrolled down to a name in a directory, Jabber would say “In a Meeting,” “Away,” “Available,” and so on.
The most recent release of Jabber was an attempt to make the product more accessible. Now, JAWS scripts and NVDA add-ins are supposed to be unnecessary.
In fact, virtually all functions work with naked JAWS and NVDA. JAWS announces “status,” but NVDA, unfortunately, does not.
Moreover, I cannot find the status statement on the screen. As I said, I’ve tried all three review modes. I run into “top” and “bottom” and “no more objects” without finding the status indication that I know is on the screen?
How do I get outside the box that apparently restricts the review cursor?
I have to be missing something.