locked O/T What happened to the blind programming list?

erik burggraaf <erik@...>

Hi, does any one know where the blind programming onelist group went?

I haven't seen mail from them in months. I recently sent subscribe messages from two email accounts thinking that a glitch in my email might have caused me to be unsubscribed for bouncing, but neither account gets a response.

Any help off list would be greatly appreciated.




This is yet another example of precisely why the Chat Subgroup was created and its use is being pushed.

Although I sincerely hope that someone can help Mr. Burggraaf in locating the current residence of the list he alludes to, it is entirely off-topic for this list and prepending "O/T" doesn't make it any less so.  Should any further discussion of this be desired, please take it to the Chat Subgroup:

This topic is now locked.

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