Language Esperanto


Yes, I speak about Esperanto.

It is for me very interresting language.

I have Biblion in this language and I read it.


Dne 02.06.2019 v 9:16 Orlando Enrique Fiol napsal(a):

Hello Jarek.

but I would like to hear the correct punctuation in the moment, when I
set the language Esperanto. In a text, but also normally.
I think so: if I have setthe Language Esperanto and I restart my
computer, and press the key for example comma, I would like to hear a
word komo.
Do you actually speak Esperanto? I've long been fascinated wby its story and already speak six languages. I wish I could hear audio of someone speaking it. How do contemporary speakers know if they're pronouncing words as originally intended?

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