writing papers using NVDA and google docs?

Josh Kennedy


When I am writing in google docs, how can I, using NVDA, tell what line and what page I am on in my document so I can know at all times exactly how long my composition is?



In Microsoft word I could just check the status line but I am not sure how to do this in google docs. Josh



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I would definitely suggest having a look at,  Using Google Drive with JAWS and NVDA - Paths to Literacy, just to review a lot of stuff about using Google Drive and the various G Suite applications (including Docs)

The accessibility setup information for using Google Docs with NVDA (and a number of other screen readers) is here:  Look through all the links under this section on Google Docs.  They suggest you change the start NVDA keyboard shortcut if you have it set up because it conflicts with a commonly used Google Docs shortcut.

Keyboard shortcuts for Google Docs can be found here:  Expand the PC Shortcuts section.

Specific to your question, see Count the words in a document  (which includes lines, page, etc.)  

And further detailed discussion regarding how to use Google Docs (or any of the G Suite apps) should be moved to the Chat Subgroup, as it's not going to involve NVDA except tangentially.  (Even this message has the tiniest bit of direct NVDA related content.  It's virtually all about Google Docs).

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