Survey about inaccessible Content on Web Pages for Firefox dev tools


Hi all,

It's been quite some time since I've posted here. Since I joined Mozilla, I've been watching NVDA from the sidelines, helping out where I can and contributing the odd NVDA patch here and there. Today, I have a small request to make on behalf of Mozilla accessibility.

Many web sites are inaccessible because they use custom page elements that lack the accessibility of browser-native ones. You have almost certainly run across this in your surfing: a page that uses divs and JavaScript to create a checkbox which NVDA doesn't recognise, for example. Mozilla wants to improve this by identifying these inaccessible elements in the Firefox developer tools and helping web authors use standard ones—or helping them add the right ARIA roles to make their custom elements accessible.

But identifying inaccessible custom elements is a challenge. The approach we're investigating is to use machine learning, which requires many examples. We would greatly appreciate your help in finding them, by filling out this survey: