Tor Browser once again becoming accessible with NVDA

Perry Simm

Just thought I'd let you know that the current alpha of the Tor Browser is accessible, that is, browse mode is working again.
Keep in mind that using an alpha version may expose you to some risks depending on what you are doing. So if it's anything mission-critical, better wait for the stable release.
Cheers Perry


As an aside, the Brave browser has an option to use Tor in its Private windows function.  There's a straight private window and a private window with Tor, you use CTRL+SHIFT+N to invoke a straight private window and ALT+SHIFT+N to invoke a Private Window with Tor.

Since Brave is Chromium based, and there are folks here who've said they're using it, I can see nothing that would preclude using the Private Window with Tor just like a typical Brave window.


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