Add-on updates before taking a break: Add-on Updater, Enhanced Touch Gestures, Windows 10 App Essentials #addonrelease


Hi all,


Three add-on updates are available:


  • Add-on Updater 19.09: NotepadPlusPlus add-on from Derek Riemer has been registered for add-on updates. Also, a timeout issue seen when trying to download updates after five minutes of inactivity has been resolved. Note that this add-on requires NVDA 2019.2 from now on.
  • Enhanced Touch Gestures 19.09: in addition to Python 3 compatibility, you can now disable touch support completely from everywhere. Previously you were able to do this if a profile other than normal profile was active. In case you do disable touch support completely, NVDA will play a beep when it starts.
  • Windows 10 App Essentials 19.09: app name and version for various universal apps (including Notepad in 20H1 Preview build 18963 and later) will be fetched via a Windows API function introduced in Windows 8. Also, this add-on brings “always on” mode support for future Calculator releases, and effective with this version, address omnibar in classic Edge is no longer treated as a search field (no more search suggestion sounds).


You can visit community add-ons website to download these releases. Alternatively, you can use Add-on Updater to check for updates.


And with that, I’m out.