BrailleConnect 40 Query

Ivan pivac

Hi List,

I have been using a BrailleConnect 40 display with NVDA as this display was one of the displays under the Braille option.  In recent releases of NVDA, the BrailleConnect 40 is no longer on the list. The HumanWare Brailliant is available but not a substitute for the BrailleConnect 40.  I have tried using auto detect and brltty as an option to connect to the display but without success.  I have selected USB as my preferred connection type and had installed the Baum USB driver which previously worked with NVDA.  The display is working just fine via BlueTooth on my iPhone so I know the display is functioning okay.  I would appreciate any thoughts the list may have as to what other options I can try to re-install and use the BrailleConnect 40.

Many thanks


Brian Tew

If the braille connect has been left off maybe you could get brltty to handle it.
I never could get brltty to work with nvda, so I would classify this as a desperation move.
Good luck. let us know if you find a solution.