Invitation to The NVDA Community to The ESpeak-NG E-Group

Bhavya shah

Dear NVDA users, developers and other beneficiaries,
NVDA’s default text to speech engine had always been ESpeak, despite
the growing choices available in the area of speech synthesis. Only in
NVDA version 2016.2 and henceforth witnessed a change – featuring the
next generation of ESpeak, better known as ESpeak-NG. Read on to know
more about the creation of its official discussion forum, if you see
promise and potential in this open source and multi-lingual
synthesizer, have feature requests, bug reports or pronunciation
errors to report to the developers of ESpeak-NG, or simply wish to get
engaged and possibly contribute to ESpeak-NG community.
Let me introduce to you ESpeak-NG on, an all-new and devoted
forum for ESpeak speech synthesis’s present and future counterpart –
Espeak-NG. The purpose of this new formation is to lay the foundation
for an ESpeak-NG community, comprising of its users, developers and
other interested parties, to replace the old and obsolete ESpeak
SourceForge mailing list over which there was no administrative
control achievable, provide a better platform for ESpeak-NG related
subjects to be comprehensively discussed, and to create a friendly
environment for members of the conceived ESpeak-NG community.
Pausing the ramblings a bit, here’s how you can become a part of this
mailing list:
Step 1 Send a blank e-mail to without
the quotation marks.
Step 2 Send a blank reply to the subsequently received confirmation
prompt mail from
Step 3 You should receive a successful subscription e-mail prompt from in a few moments.
Alternatively, can also use the web interface to join the
ESpeak-NG group located at
Once you have successfully joined the ESpeak-NG discussion hub, you
can use the following e-mail addresses to issue different actions:
To Post:
To Unsubscribe:
To Contact The Group Owner:
Currently, Reece H. Dunn is the group owner and I am appointed a group
moderator over there, and we already have 45+ members.
Let us strive to shape the future of a project as promising as
ESpeak-NG, its features, its community and much more.
Hoping to see many of you on the next generation mailing list of the
next generation ESpeak soon!

Best Regards,
Bhavya Shah

Best Regards
Bhavya Shah

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