FW: [win10] Advisory: NVDA and Edge, audio ducking, issue of typed characters not announcing



For Windows 10 users: hope you find the below info helpful.




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Subject: [win10] Advisory: NVDA and Edge, audio ducking, issue of typed characters not announcing #NVDASR #WinTenCreatorsUpdate


Hi NVDA users,


The following advisory is based on NVDA 2017.1 and latest Creators Update Insider Preview build (15031):


NVDA is compatible with Windows 10 Creators Update, scheduled for spring 2017 (fall for southern hemisphere). The following bugs were addressed as of latest development build or will roll out as part of NVDA 2017.1:


  • Typed characters: in current Windows 10 builds, when you type characters in universal apps (including Edge, Skype Preview and what not), you won’t hear characters you typed. This is fixed in Creators Update and NVDA’s fix is included in 2017.1.
  • NV Access laid the foundation to support picture in picture (also known as compact overlay) mode introduced in build 15031.


The following are issues that may impact certain NVDA features due to changes in Creators Update:


  • Audio ducking: due to changes made in Creators Update, you will not be able to use “always duck” option, nor there will be some pause between when NVDA finishes speaking and audio volume returns to normal. The other audio ducking options (duck when speaking and no ducking) are still available.
  • Due to changes in Microsoft Edge, you may occasionally hear “web content” as you use Edge with NVDA. Don’t worry about this.
  • NVDA does not support reading Epub books in Edge at this time. You can read PDF files with Edge via browse mode, however.


Note that these are updated advisories from an NVDA contributor based on latest release candidate information. These advisories may change as Creators Update release approaches (an updated briefing will be sent tonight regarding what’s new in Creators Update). This forum and subgroups (except for Insiders subgroup) will not switch to Creators Update era until the official release ID is confirmed.