My problem with braille voyager is solved plus some suggest about braille functions in NVDA.

Alexander Masic

Hi. As i have mation it before, i have had issues in order to get my braille voager together with Optelec convert card to work with NVDA. Hovever yesturday finaly i got an solotion from Optelec wich work exilent! Not a day to late.... Just hope that the restonsible developers will implument this in future updates.

However if there is any who may have same problem as my. I mean an old brailledisplay with that optelec convert card. contact me offlist on:


Then i can sen and describe how to do. Gues i can chare this without any problem, because it's opend sorce.

And another function i would like to se in braille, is to could turn it like in jaws, line mode. I mean, for me as who using boath braille and speach combain, i am only intrested in contains, and not have lnk and things like that om ny display.

Of course this option should remain for those who really nead this as it is today. But I i would like to have option to customize how I want it to look like.