How to use NVDA to Access Inkscape

Bernard Swart <bsbirding@...>

Good day,

I am unable to get NVDA to work with Inkscape. The Linux reader Orka works with Inkscape, if that is of any relevance.

I am using MS windows 7 32 bit and Inkscape v09.24.

I would appreciate any assistance.

Kind regards.

Bernard Swart



          I can't really be of any help here with NVDA and Inkscape as I have no knowledge of the latter.  I did want to comment on Orca and Inkscape.  If I am recalling correctly, Orca is a Linux/Unix/*nix platform screen reader, and as such has virtually no connection to screen readers that run under Windows.  Even Inkscape itself is a somewhat different animal "under the hood" if there are versions for the *nix environments and Windows.  Comparisons across operating systems is always a fraught proposition.


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