Symbol dialogue in MS Word 2016

Marco Oros


I have a pleasure, but I don't know, how to post and where to post It.

Please, can You get accessible for NVDA simbol dialogue in MS Word 2016?

Thank You!

Marco Oros



         Could you be just a bit more specific about what it is you're trying to accomplish?

         There are keyboard shortcuts and even "correct as you type" shortcuts to allow the insertion of the more common symbols in MS-Word.  I've generally used the Character Map utility of Windows to find what I want then select it, copy it, and paste it but given the layout of Character Map that would be awfully tedious even if it is 100% accessible.

          You might also want to have a look at one or more of the first seven webpages returned by this DuckDuckGo search on "Word 2016 insert symbol".  The youtube video might be particularly helpful.  It all depends on how accessible the Insert Symbol dialog is.

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Marco Oros

So, in the new word, NVDA doesn't read me name of symbols, like for example in Word 2010.

Marco Oros

I have made It.
So, I have tried one experiment. I've type the alt key in this control, where are letters and ofcourse, It started read It to me. This same thing in last used symbols.
Or, if You press alt+tab to move to another dialogue, It can also read. But, You can't read It, if You press tab after selection of symbol types.
I don't know, why, but this is maybe of the new world mistake, or maybe, Win 10....
I don't know.