Announcing StationPlaylist Studio add-on 17.06 and Project Contact Lenses


Hi everyone,


I’m delighted to announce the immediate release of StationPlaylist sTudio add-on for NVDA version 17.06, providing major fixes for Track Finder feature. More info can be found at:


For new family members: StationPlaylist Studio add-on is a module that allows you to use StationPlaylist studio with NVDA. It has all the features you expect from screen reader scripts for this program, namely ability to specify end of track alarm, find tracks, monitor encoders and much more. Plus, it includes unique features, including Columns Explorer (read contents of a specific column), playlist snapshots (get a quick summary of a playlist such as longest track) and much more. Also, this add-on is just one of a handful of add-ons that supports updating to new releases without visiting the add-ons website at all.


For Window-Eyes users: as part of Project Contact Lenses (more on that shortly), I’d like to take you onboard on a journey that is SPL, NVDA and the Studio add-on. If you or know anyone who uses Window-Eyes with SPL Studio and would like to use NVDA, please contact me (in case of your friends, please have them contact me).