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Hi James,

See the below response from one of the NVDA developers.




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You can already navigate to next separator, which includes hr. To add more quick navs, you'd need to use the addQuickNav class method on the base browse mode document and also support that quick nav type in the _iterNodesByType method of the browse mode implementation for each browser; e.g. virtualBuffers/gecko_ia2.py for Firefox and Chrome. You'll need to work out how each browser exposes the thing you want to do the latter part.

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Anyone have any comments on this?




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Hello everyone

I am still very new to NVDA but so far I have loved it. I have been looking at writing a plugin for NVDA that would enhance web browser navigation capabilities. I want to have the plugin be capable of navigating to other HTML tags other than the default ones that are supported (such as links, headings, landmarks, ect). For instance, the plugin would be capable of navigating to the next <section> or <hr> tag. I guess I should first ask if this is even possible? I've gone over a lot of the documentation for writing plugins as well as several of the .py files found on Github (especially the browseMode.py file and virtualBuffers folder). The closes thing I have found would be to add another QuickNav but I feel certain that this would not fully accomplish what I want. Am I on the right track? What do I need to do or learn to make this plugin a reality? Any help would be greatly apprecaited!

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