Important announcement: Freelists version of NVDA Add-ons list is deprecated, Grups.IO version created


Dear NVDA community,


For those new to this community: I’m Joseph Lee, one of the contributors to the NVDA screen reader project and one of the community add-on reviewers. For the context of this message, I am the owner of the NVDA Add-ons Central list on Freelists. The NVDA Add-ons list began in 2013 to facilitate communication between add-on writers and users, to let writers share tips, as well as to coordinate the overall add-ons community in terms of review guidelines and so on.


However, in recent months, the Freelists version has experienced several bouncing and message delivery issues. Some members wrote to me (the owner) regarding bouncing and subscription problems, and some (including I) have experienced message delivery issues since June 4th. Given these issues, it was felt it is time to move to a different email provider, and I chose Groups.IO given past successes and various features we can use such as group wiki, subgroups, calendar and databases.


Thus, effective today, the NVDA Add-ons list on Freelists is deprecated, replaced by the Groups.IO version:


Subscription address:


The Freelists archive will be kept online as a read-only copy of that forum’s past activity and to serve as a reference material for current add-on review guidelines. I have requested an offline copy of the list archive for safekeeping purposes.


For members of the old Freelists version: if the message delivery issues are not resolved by June 30, please unsubscribe starting from July 1, 2017. For those we lost in touch, I’ll send an invite to them in hopes of getting back in touch.


To add-on writers: please direct your users to subscribe to either this list or the new add-ons list on Groups.IO. An add-ons commits subgroup will be created to keep track of commits made to Bitbucket. Another option is to deactivate the add-on files Bitbucket repo and move it to GitHub altogether (this requires coordination with NV Access).


For translators: I’m also investigating message delivery issues with the translations mailing list. If you do experience issues over there, please let Jamie know. Also, please let your language community know about the Groups.IO version of the add-ons list.


As for list leadership: I will continue to serve as the head owner on the Groups.IO version of the add-ons list, with prominent reviewers serving as moderators (likely Noelia Martinez and Derek Riemer).


Thank you.