strange bug with dictation bridge.

Derek Lane

While bugs are ideally posted on gethub, I've found it best to report them if there is a means of reliably causing them to pop up. That having been said, this is not the case here, and because it's not, maybe some of you could help me trace the problem down so that I have something of substance to report.

The problem I'm experiencing is that NVDA does not speak the correction panel once NVDA has been restarted. This is the case on my machine, which is running an up-to-date copy of windows 7, with the latest release of NVDA. Dictation is not on at startup, and because this is my DAW, I have no intention of changing that.

So, once I start dictation, I do the following:

1. Go in to notepad to speak/write some text, occasionally toggling the state of listening by pressing control+left windows.

2. Have generally good luck for a while, but eventually stumble on to something that breaks in a very odd, and sometimes amusing way.

3. Select the text by either using the keyboard to do so, or by saying "select," followed by the incorrect text.

4. Say "correct that," and say the number of the choice I want, or

try dictating again, should none of the choices work.

5. When it's got it right, I say ok, and move on; otherwise I either repeat what I said with a different inflection, or, if necessary spell what I'm trying to say.

6. Eventually, I find that NVDA has lost focus on notepad... That's the best way I know to describe the problem.

7. I restart NVDA, which allows me to cursor through, and read the text in the notepad window again, but with the consequence of being unable to read the correction panel from that point forward. I can interact with it, and it will obey my choices, I j0000000000ust have no idea, until the text is revised in the file, what I've picked when I say a number, then "ok."

Dictation bridge only resumes working properly after I've restarted my machine. I said this was unreliable behavior initially because it's true. There is no set amount of time or number of dictated phrases which trips it. It's hard to make it loose focus, but when it happens, it's done until restarting.

Pranav Lal

Hi derek,

Please raise this as an issue on github irrespective of someone being able to duplicate and we will check it out. I have not experienced this but then I am not a WSR user.