Looking for Hims Sync Braille users to test native driver

Leonard de Ruijter

Dear NVDA users,

I've been able to create a new Hims braille display driver on behalf of Babbage, the company where I'm employed. This driver is meant to replace the current Hims driver as well as the Sync Braille driver. As I don't have a Sync Braille to test, I'm looking for Sync Braille users who would be able to give some details about whether this new driver works correctly. Nevertheless, comments from other Hims braille display users are welcome of course.

There is a test build of NVDA to try for this at https://ci.appveyor.com/api/buildjobs/5dcmf2ctol5e417r/artifacts/output%2Fnvda_snapshot_try-hims-native-14573%2C8dd4b89a.exe

As the new driver adds port selection capabilities, it is strongly recommended to use this try version as a portable version, otherwise you might not be able to get your hims device working again after a restore to a release, master or next version of NVDA.

The corresponding ticket for the new Hims driver lives at https://github.com/nvaccess/nvda/issues/7459 and the pull request is at https://github.comnvaccess/nvda/pull/7712.

Kind regards and thanks for testing,

Leonard de Ruijter