Community add-ons and NVDA 2019.3 update: live development snapshots


Hi NVDA users,


As some of you may have noticed, certain builds of various community add-ons will advertise themselves as compatible with or requiring NVDA 2019.3 in any form. This is because several of us are releasing live development snapshots to test how add-ons are doing in the real world. This is typically done via development snapshots, but I know that some stable releases do contain code that will function in old and new NVDA releases.


Answers to some frequently asked questions:


Q. When I try to install an add-on, NVDA says “minimum version: 2019.3”.


Some add-ons (especially recent development snapshots) do require NVDA 2019.3 as they utilize code introduced in this release (not just Python 3).


Q. I have 2019.3 alpha and an add-on update says it is not compatible.


At least one add-on is retiring (or is end of life) as features from it are part of NVDA.


Q. I’m using Add-on Updater. I recently updated to a dev version yet Add-on Updater wants to download an old release.


This is due to add-on files database records. If you run into this, disable update check for affected add-ons (NVDA menu/Preferences/Settings/Add-on Updater/Do not update add-ons list and check ones you don’t want to get updates).


Q. I’m using NVDA 2019.2.1 with Add-on Updater installed, and when I check for updates, I get an update that isn’t compatible with the version I’m using.


You need to switch to stable channel for the time being (NVDA menu/Preferences/Settings/Add-on Updater/Prefer development releases, uncheck add-ons that you wish to switch to stable channel).


Q. What if my add-on is not listed n Add-on Updater?


Not all add-on updates can be checked via Add-on Updater (many speech synthesizers are excluded form update checks). The best course of action is contacting add-on authors about compatibility of these add-ons.


Q. I wish to report compatibility status of some add-ons.


Please do so if and only if you have absolutely latest releases and you are confident that the add-on in question is indeed incompatible in some way.


For people using my add-ons: for people using development snapshots of various add-ons, recent and upcoming snapshots will require NVDA 2019.3 in order to function. This is done to test how my add-ons are doing in the real world, and only after going through testing will they graduate to stable channel (this will happen after 2019.3 beta or RC is released).