accents in french with a perkins keyboard of focus V5 braille display - question

Afik Souffir <afik.souffir@...>



My name is Afik Souffir, and I want to know how can I type accents in French, while I'm typing on the perkins keyboard of the display.


Help will be appreciated.




Aine Kelly Costello

Hi Affik,

Have a look at the settings under Braille to adjust the input Braille table (if you happen to be sticking with an english Braille table, I'd pick UEB). You can also use the Braille extender add-on to set keyboard shortcut for quick switching of input and output tables. Then under input gestures in the NVDA preferences menu, under Braille extender, there are options called "switch between his favourite [input/output] tables".

I don't have a focus but assume that should all work okay regardless of display :)