Punctuation Symbols Changing Pronounciations

David Ouimet

Hi, I was able to change tick to apostrophe in the Punctuation Symbol Pronounciation  preference setting. There is quite a few steps when wanting to change the sound of a symbol or punctuation, so to change all the ones I wanted I did it editing the symbol.dic file manually. Could the way of changing the sounds be simplified, so new users would find it much easier.

I think that would be a great help for many.


Thanks, David Ouimet

David Ouimet


If you want your symbols and punctuation changes saved I would make a backup of your symbols.dic file.


For any who want to know how to change the sound of a punctuation or symbol on your keyboard using your symbols.dic file do this. Go to your c:\user\(username)\appdata\roaming\nvda folder and rename your symbols.dic file to the txt extension. Then for example type !           exclamation mark on a line, then press enter. On the next line type '           apostrophe and so on. Remember the tab key is between the symbol typed and the sound of the punctuation or symbol you want to hear. Instead of hearing bang for the exclamation mark you will hear exclamation mark and apostrophe for tick. After making your changes save your symbols.txt file back to symbols.dic and everytime you press those keys you will hear the new names you changed them too.


David Ouimet