[NVDA] spelling with NVDA help

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Hi !

When you’ve found a  suggestion while doing a spell-check with NVDA, hold down the NVDA key and press the up arrow key twice quickly while doing so and the suggestion will be spelled. That works with the desktop layout for NVDA, and maybe also with the laptop layout, but I have never used the latter, so someone else can tell you if the laptop keystroke is different.

I hope this helps!

Bye for now!

From Clare


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Hi guys I have 2 laptops running jaws and NVDA.  One of the laptops is running windows 7 and an older version of NVDA, the other is running windows 10 and NVDA second last version, I believe it’s 15 point something.

Anyhow when I am in Microsoft word and or mail I click  spell check and NVDA reads the miss spelled word, I tab to the suggestions box and NVDA reads the words. I can arrow up and down to hear the different choices, the problem is NVDA doesn’t spell out the words.

With jaws I hear the miss spelled word and when I arrow through the choices jaws speaks each word and then spells it out.  How can I get NVDA to spell out my choices.

Any help would be appreciated.