StationPlaylist add-on 20.03 #addonrelease


Hi all,


StationPlaylist add-on 20.03 will be released in a few hours. This version requires NVDA 2019.3 or later.


The key highlight from this release is improved encoder support. Namely, NVDA will now announce connection status messages until the selected encoder connects. Other changes include column announcement slot behavior in Studio (NVDA will now announce first ten columns when you press Control+NVDA+number row when focused on a track in playlist viewer) and removal of automatic track name announcement from Studio (this was actually a hack, and it no longer works; to hear currently playing track name, press SPL Controller, C).


As this is a stable release, SPPL add-on 20.03 will show up via Add-on Updater. Please make sure that you are using NVDA 2019.3 before installing this add-on.