Edge again


Are you trying to change the language for Edge alone?

It's my understanding, at least for the stable version of Edge, that it should follow whatever language you have set as the Windows Display Language under Settings, Time & Language, Language Pane.   I don't know if any of the preview channels (Beta, Dev, Canary) do this, though I'd expect they would.

If you have the stable version of Edge installed, and all your other system utilities like File Explorer, Settings themselves, etc., all show up in Czech then I'd report the issue to Microsoft via the Feedback Hub or from within Edge itself via the Send Feedback button (if it exists in the stable version.  I can reach it in Dev by hitting ALT then left arrowing until I land on it.)

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Hi group,

I had to reinstalled my computer, there I installed the new Edge: I would like change a language.

What can I do for change language? There is an English and I need Czech.