NVDA 2019.3 Crash, liblouis?

Rob Hudson <rob_hudson_3182@...>

Windows 10 Version 1809 (OS Build 17763.1098), NVDA 2019.3.1
I have been noticing this crash when using NVDA with my braille display. Below is the portion of the log. This crash occurs while navigating, can be with arrows, alt tab, object nav. The display is a handy tech. I have not tried navigating with the display itself to see if similar crashes occur.
WARNING - watchdog._watcher (21:43:56.531) - watchdog (6796):
Core frozen in stack:
File "nvda.pyw", line 215, in <module>
File "core.pyc", line 545, in main
File "wx\core.pyc", line 2134, in MainLoop
File "gui\__init__.pyc", line 1030, in Notify
File "core.pyc", line 515, in run
File "queueHandler.pyc", line 83, in pumpAll
File "queueHandler.pyc", line 50, in flushQueue
File "scriptHandler.pyc", line 163, in _queueScriptCallback
File "scriptHandler.pyc", line 205, in executeScript
File "globalCommands.pyc", line 1036, in script_review_previousLine
File "api.pyc", line 205, in setReviewPosition
File "braille.pyc", line 2031, in handleReviewMove
File "braille.pyc", line 1958, in _doCursorMove
File "braille.pyc", line 1044, in update
File "braille.pyc", line 438, in update
File "louisHelper.pyc", line 65, in translate
File "louis\__init__.pyc", line 183, in translate
Nothing else after that. I have to press ctrl+alt+n to relaunch.
Any thoughts on this?

David Csercsics

I saw that too, but it hasn't crashed with 2020.1 beta1 so far yet, which got a LibLouis update. Try the beta, and see how you get along.