Jesse Farquharson

Hello folks.

So, after being hesitant to do so, I finally upgraded my NVDA version to 2019.3.1. I have been staying on 2019.2.1 for the last little while.

I just purchased a license for the Acapella TTS voices, (the full license) as I had used up my trial a few years back. I downloaded the engine, downloaded a lot of voices, then put my license key in and was registered.

However, after trying to switch my synth to Acapella... I'm lost. I hear no speech. I have a braille display hooked up to my computer but it also seems to freeze up. When I hit alt control N, NVDA restarts using Windows OneCore Voices. Can anyone offer some advice?


Jesse Farquharson

To be clear, I downloaded the engine v1.6.1. All voices are v1.6 as well.

Vlad Dragomir

Hi Jesse,

I'm having exactly the same issue. I've already sent an email describing this problem to the address found on the site of the add-on. I suggest you should do the same, this increases the chances that someone might look into it. I've also noticed that as long as the Acapela add-on is installed, the exit sound doesn't play when I unload NVDA. Only the exit sound, not the start-up one. As soon as I uninstall the add-on, the exit sound comes back as it had never been gone. It would be good to let them know if by any chance you notice the same behaviour.

Best regards,