important brouser update notice


Hi all.

This stuff just came from my winaero posting.

According to winaero at least, it appears that due to the virus, there are a few pauses.

Firstly, edge, and chrome are not going to recieve any updates at least till this virus goes away.

So while there will be security and stability updates no new versions.

Next, the insiders group has a new windows 1909 and 1903 update in fast ring this is usually not mentioned as such on winaero but still.

This could signal another optional.

Point is, if you want 81.0 on chrome you will need to get it from beta if not, well you may want to use something else.

In addition mozilla is reenabling old ssl/tls 1.1 and 1.0 while this virus is on because some sites will not be updated just yet to the new 1.2 standard.